"European Master-Level Business Sciences" ("EMBS")
The aim of this program is to meet the requirements for the academic education of business and management graduates in modern Europe. Close co-operation between the institutions involved and jointly agreed programme structures provide a programme of academic excellence, leading to full competence in another community language and an in-depth understanding of the business environment and culture of other European countries

The requirements for admission to the EMBS are as follows:
To be accepted on the EMBS programme you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree, Vordiplom or its equivalent, and be among the best 30% of students on your degree programme over a six- or four-semester period respectively.

To take part in the EMBS programme, you are required to study abroad for two semesters at one of the EMBS partner universities.

The EMBS course of study programme is an integrated programme leading to the award of the EMBS certificate.

The course of study comprises a minimum of 120 ECTS credits plus a Master Thesis. A minimum of 60 ECTS credits must be obtained at one of the EMBS partner universities. Of these 60 ECTS credits, 40 must be within the business area and include 20 ECTS within the EMBS module "European Affairs".

Candidates must be awarded their Master’s degree at their home university before being eligible for the EMBS qualification.

The Master Thesis should preferably reflect the European dimension. A European aspect may be given by the choice of topic or by the fact that candidates write their thesis in connection with work undertaken for a commercial or non-commercial enterprise abroad.

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